Road Map Series – Clay Harmon

Road Map Series — Clay Harmon I am working on a series that combines my love of Wet Plate Collodion photography, a passion for cartography, and a (burgeoning) interest in woodworking. These Road Maps serve as a visual chronology of an individual’s life and this is my second piece in the series. These abstract wet plate collodion photographs on aluminum (tintypes) are of the locations the subject has lived throughout their lives. I try to seek out older 1800’s era maps of the town/city/region – I’ve really come to love the typography and design in these historic maps.  Then I choose a composition that feels …

Scholz Garten – Wet Plate Collodion demo

Got invited by the Austin History Center to set up and do a demonstration of Wet Plate Collodion photography at Scholz Garten. Got to talk photography with a bunch of people and even poured a few plates of the two bands that performed at the event, The Original Bells of Joy and The Frontier Brigade Band.